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Health conscious who reside outside Bali might think that Bali is all about pork and sweet dessert, as the food bloggers all around Indonesia have crazed about. While Bali is surely a heaven for those who look for comfort food, Bali also boasts a new way to live. Organic food, as well as vegan and vegetarian food nowadays are easily available all around Bali, alongside the increasingly healthy lifestyle in Bali. Here are some things that you can do to stay healthy, no matter if you are a beginner or veteran in this healthy lifestyle:

  1. Yoga

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Yoga at @alindravilla

Imagine yourself doing yoga surrounded by natural scenery, under the warm sun with breezy wind on your skin. Bali is the perfect setting for those seeking a slice of peaceful mind, being away from real world problem, even for just an hour or two. Ubud and Canggu are two of many places that provide various yoga places for you.

  1. Organic Food

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Not only organic restaurants, Bali are now also filled with various organic markets. Some of the places grow their own plants, and then sell it in the shop. Some also have cafes where you can sit and enjoy the cooking while indulging yourselves with the interior.

  1. Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Not only offer main course meals, these restaurants also offer other choices such as coffee and dessert. Even the omnivores can try these places out because the foods are to die for, with bonus of natural sceneries to cure your tired eyes from gadget.

  1. Breakfast Bowl

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First popularized by Nalu Bowls, this bowl full of nutrients and freshness will definitely help you to kick the day. Most of the ingredients contain nuts and fruits, topped with dressing such as honey or almond milk, alongside coconut, chia seed any many other things.

Feeling healthy already? Wait until you try each or all the things above and see Bali in a new way!

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