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What To Do in North Bali
May 5, 2017
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May 5, 2017
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  1. Do you consider yourself as “anak kekinian”?

Of course! Hahahaha! But seriously, I am someone who is really passionate about travel, social media and technology. So whenever I had the time, I would find myself exploring news feed regarding those topics. So, for those three topics, I do consider myself kekinian.

Photo credit by @thewanderfullylost

  1. What do you think makes Liburan Bali a trendy holiday guide in Bali? What will you do to keep it that way?

When I started Liburan Bali, I noticed that there were no Social Media account with contents about holiday in Bali in Bahasa Indonesia. So I just start and continously write contents in Bahasa, unexpectedly it blew my expectation. I gained 10k follower on my first month. I will continously provide interesting and new contents to keep Liburan Bali as one of the most kekinian account in Social Media

  1. In regards of out edition’s topic, lifestyle, can you please explain what is the meaning of lifestyle for you?

Lifestyle is someone’s way of living which will effentually show how your attitude toward the community

  1. What will be your ideal lifestyle in terms of ‘kekinian’?

An ideal lifestyle is to be able to enjoy living your life while helping another (not always a person) in the process. The problem with todays adventurers are they want to be kekinian so badly that they damaged the place they visited in the process of taking a kekinian photo.

  1. Recommend the most favorite activities to do in Bali

I would have to say the Blackship Jimbaran. It’s a new activity started to help the local fisherman at Jimbaran to improve their income and standard of living. You will be taken into the ocean to watch the beautiful sunset of Jimbaran on a renovated fisherman boat. It was one of the most unique experience I had in a while. You can check them out at @blackshipjimbaran.

@blackshipjimbaran [TRENDY SPORTS]

Photo credit by @blackshipjimbaran

Featured image by Indra – @liburanbali

Puspa Siagian
Puspa Siagian
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