Festival Kartini 2017 Kebaya Surf Culture

Second Anniversary of Kompakers Bali
April 13, 2017
Avilla Bali Goes to Campus : STIPAR Triatma Jaya, Mapindo
May 3, 2017
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To The commemoration National Hero Day of Indonesia. R.A Kartini.

Magic Wave Surfing as Media Indonesia as aged 17 Years runs in business media and Organizations Surfer Girls invite the entire audience of sports “fun” Surfing to enliven the day as a form of tribute to the Power of women.

The Background of this event is The reflection to The woman as figure responsible for the nurture. Wardens live not only within the limits of comfort.

Upbringing and the teachings of face frenetic and ferociously alive.
Being a woman is natural to be able to do everything in its power and effort.

Born a strong, brave and wise a young profile
Women are the closest compounds of life. Women’s role as the eyes never closed.

Concatenated, maintained throughout life.

Woman is Infinity.

Strength and presence as Tsunami

While giving birth and raising you as a youth and a man of dignity.

Emulate, respect and devoting Woman, Wife and Mother is one of your idol.

“Salam Anak Pante”

Made Bagus Irawan, familiar called Piping As CEO and founder of Magic Wave to thank you for the appreciation and respect for the role of women as a determinant of the quality of the nation.

Let’s show a success “KARTINI 2017 KEBAYA SURF FESTIVAL CULTURE” As the event

that missed annually.


Made Bagus Irawan (Piping)

Born at Jogjakarta October 25, 1959

Surfing since 1986 after finished at Udayana Bali Campus department of  Civil engineering department  field of Harbor infrastructure.

Choosing create Media surfing since November 1999 on the awareness and understanding

how the surf is strong and environmentally friendly.

as well as a direct impact on People in coastal tourism in Bali and this archipelago.


First time to the island of Nias Year 1989. When the contest with family with 3 children

and still the instigators of surfing today.


Magic Wave

Magic Ink

Magic Ride

Magic Wall

Press conference at Bliss Surfer Hotel – April 18, 2017.
blisssurfer_presscon blisssurfer_presscon02 blisssurfer_presscon03

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