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Top 5 Gelato in Bali

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Who doesn’t know gelato? Everybody is familiar with it. Gelato, in Italian word for ice cream derived from the Latin word "gelātus" means frozen. Gelato is also made by traditional ice cream with milk, cream, various types of sugar to control the sweetness and flavoring from fruits and peanuts. However, gelato contains low of calories, fat and sugar than ice cream.

At the moment, the enthusiast of this type of gelato is bigger than ice cream because it is softer, thicker and more creamy. As a tourist destination that has been visited by domestic and foreign tourists, gelato stall is everywhere. Running a gelato business in Bali is profitable, especially if you have a good concept and type of gelato with a unique flavor.

Below are the top 5 recommendations gelato in Bali. Consider the following: by Avilla Hospitality